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The real reason for Mrs May's election U-turn?
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TOPIC: The real reason for Mrs May's election U-turn?

The real reason for Mrs May's election U-turn? 5 Days, 10 Hours ago  
Peter Hitchens not only wonderfully expresses sentiments I endorse about the forthcoming festival of lies, evasions and disinformation but highlights the likely real cause of Mrs May's U-turn: the hidden scandal of Tory mis-spending at the last election which may result in 20 bye-elections:

As Mr Hitchens notes, the outcome is by no means likely to improve the Tory majority and may slash it rather savagely.
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Re:The real reason for Mrs May's election U-turn? 5 Days, 8 Hours ago  
after years of railing against all Hitchens I've now become a fan of Peter (still loath everything Christoper Hitchens stood for)

So there is hope for everyone. Is it age? (39)..or the fact a conservative like Peter Hitchens now seems so reasonable compared to the loonies out there masquerading as Conservatives (and Labourites)
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