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TOPIC: My fast
My fast 5 Days, 2 Hours ago Karma: 48
I'm now just after 4 weeks of my 5/2 diet; normal consumption (see photos) for 5 days a week; only water for 48 hours. I must admit today (Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my fast days) I ate at 5pm (having not eaten since 7pm Monday - so that's 46 hours as opposed to 48). The reason is that I've been told it can get rid of Type 2 Diabetes which I've had since (and because of) my stint in Her Majesty's Estate (i.e. 12 years). I shall keep you informed.
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Re:My fast 5 Days, 1 Hour ago  
At the risk of annoying you could not have been at her majesty's pleasure diet-wise for 12 years unless you received a 24 year sentence which is almost a full life term..but still appalled to hear that food so bad it affected your health...what was it like?
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Re:My fast 5 Days, 1 Hour ago Karma: 48
You misunderstand me - I was diagnosed as Type 2 12 years ago as I left the Estate; my lack of diet conscious food inside (i.e. no skimmed milk; fat free butter etc) combined with limited exercise and, of course, stress.
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Re:My fast 5 Days ago Karma: 48
One of the many under covered punishments inflicted on prisoners - whether guilty or not guilty; the judge sentences you to prison and at the same time developing diabetes, getting out of work on release, damaging innocent victims like wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, lovers, friends... oh, the wreckage is far, far more than officially sanctioned but who cares? Nobody. So much for society - which started (like unions) to get the best for all members but rapidly becomes (like George Orwell predicted) a disaster.
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Re:My fast 5 Days ago  
Apologies misunderstood initial post. To my mind you make important and moving comments. The balance is never easy between personal responsibility and a humane understanding of fallibility. The fall out of punishment is undoubtedly wide reaching, but so is the impact on those harmed and their families from genuine crime. What I believe in a nutshell is that all of us are fallible and nothing is ever straightforward in the way that the media or the lazy way average minds compute.
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