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TOPIC: Act of betrayal
Brian R.

Act of betrayal 11 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
A woman reflects on an abuse allegation she made many years before. Who was really the ‘victim’?
The part is played by an actress.
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Brian R.

Re:Act of betrayal 11 Months, 1 Week ago  
Review of ‘Act of Betrayal’ documentary by British writer Ben Capel.
My take on it is this: a young, well-intentioned woman was, as a youth, encouraged to lie about "inappropriate" (code for sexual) remarks made to her by an essentially good-hearted and principled charity leader. These remarks were then eagerly seized upon by the authorities to label him as a sexually abusive predator. His career and endeavours to assist the vulnerable and struggling were, as a result, instantly vaporised. The charity he ran capsized.
Decades later, the accuser finds that her lies, her deceitful omissions, may be revealed by the now-elderly man she had helped destroy. Now a widower, he is utterly bereft and has nothing to lose by declaring the truth of the miscarriage of justice that destroyed his life.
It seems to me that the grievance feminist/postmodern-Leftist fetishisation of "victimhood" drives this malignant delight, this cruel ecstasy, in elevating concocted narrative over empirical evidence. And it does so to a dangerously insane degree. Denouncing and exposing "predators", "racists", "misogynists" and "bigots" of all kinds is now compulsory, or at least it is within the confines of what I would describe as the postmodern PC-Left bubble.
Most human beings live outside this bubble. We resent its top-down decrees and bigoted designations very deeply, even if we suffer them in silence. We don't want our honourable and decent sons cast as potential rapists, and we don't want our kind-hearted and good-humoured daughters recruited to the cause of unappeasable, misanthropic resentment.
This, I believe, is the powerful truth of this short movie: if the sick enjoyment of contemporary victim culture enjoins you to accuse innocent people, REPUDIATE IT, even if it offers you momentary (and monetary) stardom. You're the only species on the planet endowed with a conscience, and if you lie to destroy a human being simply to gain transient glory, momentary celebrity, the rest of your life will be founded on deceit and corruption. That's a terrible way to live, and you ultimately pay a terrible price when the truth comes back to confront you decades later.
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Re:Act of betrayal 11 Months, 1 Week ago  
That's a fair review. I particularly agree about malevolent agenda-pushers whipping up a load of nothing into a life-destroying criminal investigation.

Note that the woman's primary concern was that the man would name her and she would suffer (justified) criticism, shame and embarrassment. No hint of any understanding of the anguish she caused the falsely accused man and his wife. Many women are like this. It's a feature of sociopathic psychopathy. Men, beware.
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Re:Act of betrayal 11 Months, 1 Week ago  
It all comes back to victim blaming - and who are the victims here? I agree with Brian; until we as a society stop honouring and praising "victims" and start preventing and curing we are going to hell in a handcart.
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