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why Corbyn will only become more popular
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TOPIC: why Corbyn will only become more popular

why Corbyn will only become more popular 11 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
do they listen to me? No. Yet I'm always right.

2 recent utter disasters signify the rapidly plunging power of print media to dictate to the masses as to who they should vote for.

In 2013 Murdoch minions went into to bat for the madman & 10 pound Pom Tony Abbott. It worked. It was a disaster..he lasted just 2 years. His successor Malcolm Turnbull..far more intelligent..had the Murdoch minions again on his side as he called a snap election in 2016.

He succeeded in wiping out his majority with just one more seat than Labour. Now numerous politicians are in danger of losing their seats because they may have dual citizenship (30% of Aussie MPs were born in another country)

In addition he lost control of the all-powerful Senate.

Rupert Murdoch threw everything he had at Labor just as they did UK Labour & Corbyn.

It backfired badly as Theresa May foolishly thought she was on a winner with Murdoch's support.

Fox New
s in the USA is languishing at the bottom of the ratings with "lefty" Rachel Maddow ruling the roost as the top show on MSNBC.

The young- anyone under 40 have switched off.

To top it off, Murdoch's empire is bleeding money like a sieve.
The Mail is like a comic book.

I give newspapers 5 years.

News Corporation falls to $817 million loss on crashing newspaper values
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In The Know

Re:why Corbyn will only become more popular 11 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Hedda IS right !

Corbyn WILL become more popular - but only amongst the nutters who do not face reality and want something for nothing !

Like all those in Communist countries (who though equal shares for all meant they could still do nothing but have half of the money from those who worked hard). These days they cannot wait to ditch communism and become calitalist countries (yes - even China ! Booming economy for those who work .... the rest can starve!)

Like those poor Venezuelians who cheered Chavez (as Corbyn and the loony left did) - now find themselves with 800% inflation, more oil in the world than any other country, and thousands of people starving.

Its called living in cloud cuckoo land .... and being totally incompetent !
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