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America stands united and I mean totally united
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TOPIC: America stands united and I mean totally united
America stands united and I mean totally united 8 Months, 3 Weeks ago Karma: 50
No wonder Trump and May are bosom buddies; they think we are stupid and they are right, most are (that's why they are running countries). I don't mean slightly united. I don't mean only five people or only 50%. Absolutely everybody wants people made homeless, killed, damaged to be helped. Bollocks and truisms. I only wish Trump and May would show some generosity towards women, children and men fleeing famine or murder or poverty across the Med or out of Syria or into Bangladesh. Simplistic morons addressing fools.
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Re:America stands united and I mean totally united 8 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Perhaps the truisms reflect shallow feelings. On the news the other day (I think it was CNN), I noticed that the presenter said that Hurricane Irma was currently moving across the Caribbean but was heading towards Florida. I thought that word was quite revealing. It sounded as if people in the Caribbean were being ranked low in the pecking order of concern, maybe like those refugees in the Med, etc..
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