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TOPIC: The Weinstein Witch Hunt

The Weinstein Witch Hunt 11 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
It's not really about Harvey is it?

But I can understand why he would feel suicidal.

This is one of the most vicious campaigns I've seen in a long time, if ever because he happens to be alive.

The entire world's media has simply taken the view every accusation made is true and is acting accordingly.

The sickening Rose McGowan has been viciously bullying most of Hollywood aided by the media demanding they are "either with her or against her" when most couldn't know the truth, just rumours.

I've read so much ignorance about that recording of Weinstein pleading with a woman to come into his room. That's all it is- pleading and saying nothing will happen while the unknown actress/model says "I'm frightened" ! knowing full well she was wired and the cops were downstairs listening ready to come to her aid.

But I've read 100s of people saying he then raped her but she hasn't even made that claim and the New York cops dismissed the idea of any charges.

This is madness. This is a phony wimmin's crusade (ignoring how predatory women can be)

Harvey is the whipping boy for so many causes. I can see now why ordinary people went to lynchings.

I'm reminded of that Bob Dylan song : "those first now will later be last". 100s are cruising in on the destruction of Harvey Weinstein. I think they may crash and burn.
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