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We've gone mad. We've gone mad.
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TOPIC: We've gone mad. We've gone mad.

Re:We've gone mad. We've gone mad. 1 Year ago  
Now a claim that Richard Dreyfuss exposed himself 30 years ago

Prediction for the next shock revelation - Adam exposed himself to Eve 6000 years ago.
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Re:We've gone mad. We've gone mad. 1 Year ago  
It's like Yewtree II: Hollywood isn't it?

George Takei accused now, so does this mean Star Trek is yewtreed?
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In The Know (as always !)

He hanged himself - and left note 1 Year ago  
Former Welsh minister, Carl Sargeant, who was found dead just days after finding out he was facing allegations of sexual harassment, hanged himself at his family home, a post mortem examination has found.

John Gittins, senior coroner for North Wales (East and Central), said Mr Sargeant had left a note for his wife Bernadette on the utility room door, telling her not to enter.

But she did and found her husband on the floor.
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Re:He hanged himself - and left note 1 Year ago  
Tragic and sad.
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