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The Curse of The Savile- it's a free for all
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TOPIC: The Curse of The Savile- it's a free for all

The Curse of The Savile- it's a free for all 1 Year ago  
Now the lovable George Takei ..and (I might add he almost deserves it the idiot) Richard Dreyfus after congratulating his son for accusing Kevin Spacey of the most innocuous attempted pick-up (that's if it really happened)

Well I'd say fuck you too Dreyfus who I always thought was a lousy ham as you added fuel to the fire when you should have kept your mouth shut. But of deserves this trial by media.

And still..still those promoting this insane witch-hunt think they are immune.

But didn't we on here predict as the Savile lunacy spiraled out of control?

Well I did and JK did (and if JK said it before me it's because he's a mind-reader and picked my brains )

And you especially Chief Constable Mike really think you are immune don't you with your skin just a little too pink and your just-too-tidy-prim appearance.

You don't think there is a former Constable out there who feels aggrieved you may have dealt harshly with them?..a prisoner who feels you pushed them around unfairly?..because it just takes an accusation before you too are drummed out of the force in ignominy.

# I feel a new curse is emerging.. The Curse of Ted Heath.
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Re:The Curse of The Savile- it's a free for all 1 Year ago  
I have to say Hedda darling; you may be Down Under but I did enjoy your post. Made me laugh on this rather drizzly day in the grey UK.
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