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TOPIC: Damien Green
Damien Green 1 Year ago  
More madness; he clearly knew nothing about porn on the Parliamentary computer (NOT his own) if there was any and he was also clearly NOT told about it ("a side issue" according to the old Police Chief). Another storm in a teacup or, to put it another way, "a great story".
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Re:Damien Green 1 Year ago  
It does seem "convenient" that these allegations have surfaced at this particular time. If there was porn, there could have been other people in the office using that computer, and it is very difficult for him to challenge this after 9 years have elapsed.

This old story shows that the chances are his computer was not alone in having porn on it, so curious he is being singled out:
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Re:Damien Green 1 Year ago  
Exactly and again it reflects the insane mass hysteria promoted by media exaggerating and inflating every story. Porn may well have been found on computers; it has nothing to do with the story.
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Re:Damien Green 1 Year ago  
There used to be an office trick many years ago, some bosses would install porn on certain PCs (normally people they wanted to get rid off).

Get an engineer saying there is problems with the network and get them to check the computers etc.

Normally with bosses standing in background and if porn shows on their machine then boss has a reason to fire them under gross misconduct.
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