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The truth about Porn and Westminster
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TOPIC: The truth about Porn and Westminster
The truth about Porn and Westminster 1 Year ago  
It seems to me that this "legal porn" which was allegedly found on a Parliamentary computer (NOT Damien Green's personal computer) and which was deemed to be a "side issue" by top cops and not worth investigating (if it was legal, why would they?) is the same as finding footage of Delia Smith illustrating a recipe for eccles cakes on Theresa May's Downing Street computer. But of course, inflated, exaggerated and coloured up a bit, it is a "good story" for the media. Which, as I said 17 years ago, is the only thing that concerns the media. They don't care if it's true (social media even worse). As long as it gets sales, ratings, clicks. Likewise silly BoJo's slip up over the bint in Iran. Who cares? Certainly not the Iranians. But it's a good story. If it does damage, the media is delighted - a better story. As Kelvin McKenzie used to say - it can run and run.
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Ken Bruce-Forsyth

Re:The truth about Porn and Westminster 1 Year ago  
I prefer Nigella myself.
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Re:The truth about Porn and Westminster 1 Year ago  
they said "inappropriate porn" whatever the hell that means.

and how do they define "porn" when they use bizarre words like "inappropriate"..what was it?..a dog and a lady?..a couple in the missionary position which Constable Plod was disgusted by? 2 beefy blokes that made the Chief Constable feel ill?

This is a classic creepy corrupt way the cops try to destroy and they simply hate Conservative politicians.

I am sooo waiting for the Witch Hunt roaring out of control to put the spotlight on the Met and regional God can you imagine how many enemies will come out of the woodwork?
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Re:The truth about Porn and Westminster 1 Year ago  
You're right as usual Hedda - there has to be a witch hunt against UK Police which, like all other witch hunts, will be completely unfair and the few bad/bent/corrupt/incompetent cops will cause hundreds of decent, honest cops to be jailed or worse. But it will be a great story.
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