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Max Clifford - further thoughts
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TOPIC: Max Clifford - further thoughts
Max Clifford - further thoughts 9 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Regular visitors will know about my distaste for this man and his proud display of the Surrey Police Thank You letter framed on his office wall (screaming Karma at him every day; had he the ears to hear it) but I do feel genuinely sad for him - I watched him enter Southwark Crown Court one day and saw a man who had lost his way. I remember from my time in prison; one of the worst experiences was going to hospital - you are chained at all times to a prison officer (including trying to sleep; just imagine how ghastly that is) and doctors, nurses, patients all pass you by with disdain or possibly hatred. I can only guess at the effect this has on someone with a bad heart (mind you, I was surprised to hear he had one). I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy and Clifford was far from my worst enemy - just an opportunist who saw cash potential. A hell of a bad way to go.
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Re:Max Clifford - further thoughts 9 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
From the Express during Clifford's trial...

Clifford also told of his pride at playing a part in exposing paedophile record producer Jonathan King and shamed singer Gary Glitter.
And he said a certificate from the Metropolitan police thanking him for playing a part in King's conviction was still hung in pride of place on his office wall.

Wrong. It was, of course, Surrey Police. The Met would have dropped the case, spotting it was all lies.
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Re:Max Clifford - further thoughts 9 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
JK2006 wrote:
The Met would have dropped the case, spotting it was all lies...

...and concocted a better one instead.
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