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Another attempted stitch up foiled.
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TOPIC: Another attempted stitch up foiled.

Another attempted stitch up foiled. 9 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
At least it was discovered during the case rather than after a guilty verdict.

It seems that perverting the course of justice is not just common in sex cases but actually mandatory!
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Re:Another attempted stitch up foiled. 9 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
The Big Problem is however that police & politicians dig their heels in.

This was demonstrated by the appalling false Ted Heath accusations where a chief copper, while saying there was "no proof" seems to have deliberately implied that Heath was guilty anyway.

We have seen how police have got away in the past with deliberately stitching up Irishmen over terrible IRA bomb attacks..a double crime here..fabricating evidence and getting innocent men locked up whilst allowing the real perps to get away with it.

I feel there is going to have to be a really horrible injustice to be exposed before action is taken.

I hope the media concentrate on this and do not allow the matter to fade away.
Those who claim the Guardian etc are ignoring this are correct..downplaying the whole matter.
This is what the media is for & if they don't pursue these travesties of justice what is the point of them?
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Re:Another attempted stitch up foiled. 9 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
I think we'll be hearing a lot more of this phrase in 2018

an 'unnecessary or improper act or omission'
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