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Just another unimportant, unreported case
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TOPIC: Just another unimportant, unreported case
Just another unimportant, unreported case 1 Year ago  
illustrating how horrendous police and CPS behaviour can be; I've said this before but do read it; amazing how it ever came to trial. Should not those involved be tried for Conspiring to Pervert the Course of Justice?
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Re:Just another unimportant, unreported case 1 Year ago  
This case has it all: idleness, incompetence AND malice, from both police and CPS.

Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful. To answer your question JK, yes I think a prosecution for conspiring to pervert justice or misconduct in public office is both in the public interest and has a reasonable chance of conviction, simply on the documented facts of the affair. Other than criminal prosecution, the performance of those involved is worthy of instant dismissal for the police and CPS staff and the equivalent professional practice ban for the prosecution advocate.

I'm slightly encouraged to see that the poor victim in this case had quite robust and dogged representation from his defence lawyers.
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Re:Just another unimportant, unreported case 1 Year ago  
Good point Randall - in prison, where I managed to get 12 inmates over 3 years Appeals and Acquittals, in most cases the flaws in their trials was down to lazy or incompetent defence lawyers. Almost every time, when the inmate got onto their lawyers before the Appeals, the lawyers said "how didn't we spot this before?". And I have no training or knowledge of the law whatever. Just lateral thinking and that talent seemingly totally lacking in police and CPS these days - common sense.

As a matter of interest I have contacted the solicitor directly regarding one of the smaller details in the story which I need to examine further - the disc that "caught fire" (and then emerged intact). How common is this "caught fire" excuse by police? Another case at the moment also features this odd - indeed, unbelievable aspect of police examination of evidence. If you or any other visitor has information regarding evidence "catching fire", I'd like to hear about it.
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