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TOPIC: Exclusive on Salisbury poison
Exclusive on Salisbury poison 6 Days, 7 Hours ago Karma: 50
Police are talking to "Nick" who is an expert in nerve agent attacks on celebrities.
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Re:Exclusive on Salisbury poison 6 Days, 6 Hours ago  
Don't give him ideas! He might accuse you of attacking him with a nerve agent,in 1964. Probably on a day he had a slight cold. That will open the floodgates for thousands of similar historical nerve gas allegations. Fortunately, the agent who got on everybody's nerves, Max Clifford, is not here to set the ball rolling.
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Re:Exclusive on Salisbury poison 6 Days, 4 Hours ago  
Perhaps they could talk to that Williams Thomas guy as well. He's an expert at getting on people's nerves too.
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Re:Exclusive on Salisbury poison 5 Days, 20 Hours ago Karma: 50
Isn't WT "Nick"s agent? And that nice Danny Day is down there near Wiltshire, isn't he? I'm sure he'd be prepared to give evidence of something for a few quid.
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Last Edit: 2018/03/12 09:22 By JK2006.
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Re:Exclusive on Salisbury poison 5 Days, 19 Hours ago Karma: 50
And look where Angela Cannings moved to...
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