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novichok - a threat for years to come
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TOPIC: novichok - a threat for years to come
In The Know

novichok - a threat for years to come 9 Months ago  
A Russian chemical weapons scientist has told Sky News that people exposed to even tiny traces of the nerve agent used to attack a spy and his daughter in Salisbury could be in danger of developing symptoms in years to come.

Dr Vil Mirzayanov is a chemist who ran the technical counter-intelligence department in Russia's chemical weapons institute.

He helped make "novichok", the class of nerve agents the British government says was used to poison defected spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.
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Re:novichok - a threat for years to come 9 Months ago  
"He said it would leave those exposed to significant doses, like Mr Skripal and his daughter, as "invalids" who would need medical assistance for the rest of their lives."

Perhaps this applies to the police officer too. It's very disturbing. It must be worrying for people in Salisbury. This looks like more than a specific attack on the father and daughter and more like a terror attack on British soil.
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Re:novichok - a threat for years to come 9 Months ago  
Well he is a ray of sunshine.

I wonder if the hospital is safe to go in or what if you are due for an operation?
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Re:novichok - a threat for years to come 9 Months ago  
Yes not a nice poison; imagine how those Syrians must feel.
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