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One of the truly disgusting police habits
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TOPIC: One of the truly disgusting police habits
One of the truly disgusting police habits 11 Months, 1 Week ago  
as Gambo was telling me the other day, is using criminals to try to set up innocent people; we all know it's gone on for years and never seems to get carried in the national media. Examining the false allegations against Cliff and Ted Heath, for example; it is disgusting. Some of the crimes committed by false accusers are far worse than anything the innocent celebrities were accused of. One reason why juries so often throw out cases. They hear about these (which often lead to the liars being given long prison sentences themselves). But, of course, when the victims of these lies are dead, there is no awareness. And even so - surely the principle is terrible. Remember dozens of "cell confessions" which are found never to have taken place?
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Re:One of the truly disgusting police habits 11 Months, 1 Week ago  
And let us remember, false accusers are given life long anonymity so have nothing to lose (although you'd be surprised how many "bravely waive" anonymity in return for vast quantities of media interview cash, sometimes excused as "going to charity" and usually split into expenses - enormous - and charity fee - tiny).
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