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do we really want to bomb Syria?
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TOPIC: do we really want to bomb Syria?

do we really want to bomb Syria? 11 Months, 1 Week ago  
what is about the idiots who post on here who are so fucking excited about bombs and war?

Does Britain support the (illegal) action Theresa May has taken?.

The usual Suspects miss the entire point..May could have waited for a Parliamentary vote on Monday which would have exposed all MPs for their position.

Corbyn voted NO for the Iraq invasion..May YES..history will treat Corbyn better.

May decided all on her own to commit an act of war for which many people have been hanged in the past. She alone is responsible (nice one Theresa)

But we know with Tony Blair..killer of Iraqis ..there is no punishment today.Or maybe there will be eventually. The new CIA Director cannot travel to the EU as there is an arrest warrant out for her.

Is Britain behind May with her act of aggression against a Sovereign nation? 54% say NO, 30% say YES and 24% Don't Know.
May has the support of less than a third of Brits.

(shove that up your arse with your "surrender monkey" buffoonery Colonel Blimp..who the fuck are we surrendering to?. Assad has basically won his war against the rebels as The Pentagon has stated).
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