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Commonwealth Games - Hedda comment please!
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TOPIC: Commonwealth Games - Hedda comment please!
Commonwealth Games - Hedda comment please! 11 Months, 1 Week ago  
How was the coverage Down Under? Massive? Tiny? It was rather good here in the UK - the UK teams did very well. Meanwhile, today of course we have the big meeting of the Commonwealth leaders - and, hopefully, discussion regarding whether so many countries should legalise homosexuality. Someone will be pointing out that only police, tabloids and vigilantes still hate gays in Great Britain and this old fashioned prejudice should be ended.
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Re:Commonwealth Games - Hedda comment please! 11 Months, 1 Week ago  
you expect me to watch sport???

Even though I attended the 2000 Sydney Olympics it was only to go to the parties.

Opening & closing ceremonies were dreadful with all the entertainment from past winners Oz Got Talent, The Voice (no guarantee of quality).

Claims real celebrities would turn up..Chris Hemsworth Alex McCord , Margot Robbie, Guy Pierce and Matt Damon holidaying in Byron Bay with Families..a 40 minute drive from the Gold Coast.. couldn't be bothered making the effort.

Camila bored witless and finally fled back home.

Poor Charles had to go to endless boring shindigs.

you're asking the wrong person.
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Re:Commonwealth Games - Hedda comment please! 11 Months, 1 Week ago  
Wonderful expression on Camilla's face! Your problem, Hedda, is that you're too young. When you reach old age like me, you'll find trivial things like trees and birds and sports become endlessly fascinating (nothing else to do).
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