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TOPIC: A fun Eurovision
A fun Eurovision 8 Months, 1 Week ago  
I think the Israeli girl deserved to win; a great performance on the night of a catchy little song. Austria did well too. Perhaps it's time for the BBC to ask JK to return as UK executive?
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Re:A fun Eurovision 8 Months, 1 Week ago  
Funnily enough some of the songs grew on me after a couple of listens; before the final I thought this was the worst collection of songs in ages but some great performances lifted it up. I do hate the "experts" giving reasons why the UK does so badly though. They did that in the early 90s before I took over. When I got Love City Groove, my first year, we came top ten and had a proper hit with it (don't expect to see SuRie on the chart with this song). Then Gina G with (I thought) our best ever entry which was a global smash but only came 8th. I realised why - a weak performance by an adequate, not brilliant, performer. Katrina was brilliant and sold a less strong song superbly. Love Shine A Light got more 12 points than any previous winner (in fact Katrina giggled I was on screen more than she was, as every 12 points focussed on me). The next year (when Israel won) we came second with Imaani. There is NO anti UK bias. We don't do well simply because we don't have someone who knows music (or hits) at the helm. I have many, many faults but I do know how to find, make and break hits.
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Re:A fun Eurovision 8 Months, 1 Week ago  
I loved the Israeli girl- it's what I expect from Eurovison and the song is good fun.

## I sooo miss Terry Wogan though.
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