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TOPIC: Victims, Police, Karma
Victims, Police, Karma 1 Week ago Karma: 50
One of the worst things about the False Allegations Industry, apart from the ambulance chasing lawyers and myopic media, is the way police lie to potential victims - or should we say False Accusers? By telling them they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by lying or exaggerating, they condemn them to far worse pain than prison. Example - “Nick” - about to be in court on very serious paedophile charges. We all know his name and everything about him, thanks to social media. He is no longer “credible and true”. Danny Day - you would not believe the vilification. In my own case 18 years ago, the devastation was extraordinary (even I was shocked) - the most obvious and high profile Max Clifford, who started it all. I wonder about the Savile false accusers (who discovered there was no money after lawyers grabbed it all), the more recent Weinstein, Cosby, Spacey accusers (millions queuing up). Police and prosecutors say “you have nothing to lose”. The big lie, as they all find out. One wonders how Porny Stormy is doing.
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Re:Victims, Police, Karma 1 Week ago  
You should add - what about the innocent collateral damaged? Wives, children, families, friends. The backlash is far larger than anybody anticipates, not just for the falsely accused and, indeed, the truly guilty, but for those connected to the accusers. Often they suffer most of all.
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Re:Victims, Police, Karma 1 Week ago  
Indeed yes; even terrible crimes like murder do not deserve to wreck the lives of the innocent. You MUST read Gemma Dowler's book My Sister Milly, which I thought was the best book of last year. It details how, in many ways, the damage done by media, police and the judicial system AFTER Milly's murder was almost as bad as the death itself. Torture, like pulling the wings off flies, and virtually never ending. Gemma and her parents are still suffering today (I know a lot about this having spoken at length to their lawyer, Mark Lewis). We need a thorough rethink of the way we deal with crime. The current system is broken.
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Re:Victims, Police, Karma 1 Week ago Karma: 50
In case you never knew about Danny Day - he is just a small example of the false accusers - most of whom get away with it, their victims languishing or dying in prison...
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Re:Victims, Police, Karma 6 Days, 22 Hours ago Karma: 50
And do try to get and watch this...
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Re:Victims, Police, Karma 6 Days, 13 Hours ago Karma: 50
Every time I put up posts like this I get dozens of messages saying "I never knew about this - it was appalling". The media may briefly cover miscarriages of justice but only very, very briefly.
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