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TOPIC: The frightening thing...
The frightening thing... 8 Months, 1 Week ago  
about the False Allegations Industry is the way constant breaches of discipline and morality by police and CPS have gone ignored by the media. But times are changing. In days gone by, such tragedies as Sally Clark, Breck Bednar, Milly Dowler, the Deepcut murders, David Bryant/Danny Day, Geoff Long and so on were brushed under the carpet by the traditional media. Why? Because they were killing great stories. No other reason. Thanks to social media, times are changing. Coverage of "Nick" and his upcoming trial will not be covered by media (judges will place contempt notices on it) but social media, spotting the loophole "Nick" himself created by manufacturing the nickname "Nick" to cover his true identity, will be putting every detail online. The problem is - this will all further erode the social position of the police, CPS and Judiciary. Which, in turn, will encourage the brighter criminals to turn to greater crimes. I've said for years - the worst victims of the False Allegations Industry will be the genuinely abused.
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Re:The frightening thing... 8 Months, 1 Week ago  
Telegraph Notes That Operation Midland’s “Nick” Addressed International Conference

"His conference appearance proves that “Nick” is not asserting his right to privacy because he would find it traumatic to be publicly identified as a victim of sex abuse; rather, it is because he wishes to escape scrutiny of his own biography in relation to very specific allegations he has made against named individuals. This suggests that such scrutiny would undermine rather than support his claims."

Perhaps "Nick's" use of the cloak of anonymity is a bit like that of one of Rolf Harris's accusers, whose allegations helped to send him to jail. She obtained compensation and threw off her cloak anonymity, but apparently shrouded herself in it again when his conviction based on her allegations was quashed on appeal.
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