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TOPIC: the intense boredom of them

the intense boredom of them 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
# Rant on a bizarre day in Sydney with rain bucketing down and I hate driving ...

I've so loved the USA in the past and have lived on and off in NY up to 2 years at a time. Now I have no interest in going- especially to NY which has become so dulled down..once seedy but fascinating Times Square is like Disneyland now and just as boring.

It worries me there are enough people to elect a bizarrely nasty character like Donald Trump (bastard owes me money) and I'm not even sure America will survive him intact. (pleasing though that in the Mid-term elections 10 million more voted Democrat than Republican in both Houses even though the Republicans picked up 1/2 seats with their undemocratic gerrymanders)

This story really sums up what the place has become..yes ..Rose McGowan and Rain Dove.

I remember when young, Britain had real eccentric characters (where are they now?) that make these 2 look like boring pensioners.
I recall the 70 year old female couple who lived in our street in the looking like a typical housewife and the other lady impeccably dressed in Savile Row gent's suits and wearing a Bowler when they went shopping (no-one taking a blind bit of notice)

Is this story real? I doubt it.

McGowan and Dove epitomize the true ugliness of the USA quite apart from how she kicked off a Trial & Destruction by Media (who needs courts?) : egos on steroids which cover a lack of talent. We've met so many of them before but usually avoid them like crazy. These two are just plain ugly but it comes from inside.
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Re:the intense boredom of them 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
The USA is really many countries in one large landmass, with different philosophies, cultures, languages, origins - all derived from its inhabitants, from every part of the globe.

Having a beer on Broadway is a lot different to one, in Chicago. And there are as many billionaires in Florida - as derelict individuals in Cleveland.

So to talk about America as one - not least because individual states are allowed to go bankrupt (such as Detroit where police and nurses don't now have their pensions paid) - is wrong.

Just like talking about Belgravia in the same sentence as South Shields.


Colin Woodard's thoughts are in the link.

True mostly - and the devices are getting wider...

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Re:the intense boredom of them 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Me, me, me culture. Perhaps the story is true. On the other hand "they" might have got together with a friend to cook up that social media conversation that portrays "them" in a positive light. It would be interesting to know if the DM knows the identity of the other person or if "they" obscured it before publication on Instagram and the DM just copied it from there.
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