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Donald Trump and Clintons' frosty moment at Bush funeral
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TOPIC: Donald Trump and Clintons' frosty moment at Bush funeral

Donald Trump and Clintons' frosty moment at Bush funeral 5 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Washington mourns George HW Bush as Trump gives cold shoulder to Clintons
Awkward greeting between Trumps, Obamas, Clintons at Bush’s funeral

Surprised that Trump didn't feel the eyes from the row behind burning a hole in the back of his head. Dick Cheney's face is a picture.
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Re:Donald Trump and Clintons' frosty moment at Bush funeral 5 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Not a fan of the Clintons but...

Honestly, the things Trump has been tweeting about Hilary and the way he leads his gormless flock at those rallies to chant "lock her up !" still she would have been well within her rights to have leaned over and soundly slapped the orange dill across the dial. (Bill looked very uncomfortable )

probably wouldn't have gone down well at a funeral. Great TV though.

Love dear old Jimmy Carter though.
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Re:Donald Trump and Clintons' frosty moment at Bush funeral 5 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
The Carters seemed to gracefully avoid having to acknowledge Trump, by being deep in conversation. One would think he'd have spoken to them all afterwards, but perhaps not.

A comment from under the second article linked above. A bit harsh but maybe some truth to it. Love the observation about his posture.

Trump is, by definition, an awkward human being, especially when he is present at an event for which he is not the main attraction. He obviously doesn't really know what to do or say, has no social skills whatever. He has no empathy for anyone, is easily and completely bored by anything that doesn't involve the massaging and veneration of his massive ego, He has few if any genuine friends, but makes enemies by the thousands, so he must know he is on essentially hostile turf. He is an angry, stupid, petty little man, without a lick of decency or dignity in his bones. The simple, irreducible fact is that his predecessors find him to be a disgraceful embarrassment to the office and the history of the American Presidency. Mr and Mrs. Obama, to their credit, being the gracious people they are, shook hands with the man before he took his seat to fidget through GHW Bush's funeral service. But it is hardly surprising that Trump didn't reach out to the Clintons, who must hate him with the heat of a thousand suns, or the Carters, who are genuinely nice, decent, Christian people, and who must find Trump a truly wretched human being, in desperate need of salvation. Nor is it surprising that the Clintons and the Carters appear to be perfectly happy to leave well enough alone and allow Trump to just plunk himself down and fiddle with this fingers in that weird sitting-on-the-can posture of his, rather than make an effort to greet him. His presence is a stain on the proceedings.
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