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TOPIC: More dodgy police behaviour
More dodgy police behaviour 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
but, as usual, the Grauniad takes the feminist angle and not the homophobic one; hey, problems with British police go far deeper than this.
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Re:More dodgy police behaviour 5 Months, 1 Week ago  
I hadn't heard of this..from a link at the bottom of the page.
Anthony d’Offay is a treasure, such a wonderful man. I still treasure my invitation from him for a small intimate dinner at his gallery with Andy Warhol (against advice form that pompous ninny Nicky Haslam who seems oblivious to what people like Warhol really thought of him)

What pisses me off here is the way the Tate have acted..gutless, per-judgmental and a disgrace. Not sure I can ever visit again as they basically sum up the vicious, pompous and fraudulent side of art.

Very similar to how the ACCTA (local Oz film awards) abandoned Geoffrey Rush because someone made allegations after their desperate begging of him to help put them on the map ..he flew in from abroad 3 times to attend.
Dropped as soon as a alleged scandal hits. Never been near them since.

It's the way of the world now and the funny thing is that those who react in this manner truly believe they are immune from real or false allegations. A Tate director only has to upset one person who makes an allegation and that's over and finished no matter what the truth. And the lower down the food chain..say a packer or a cleaner at the Tate..the more believable it becomes.

Each one of these cases sends the message to can now destroy even the most power man or woman. The outcome is irrelevent.
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Re:More dodgy police behaviour 5 Months, 1 Week ago  
One worrying aspect :

now that ex-policeman Mark Williams-Thomas has been named in court as a man prepared to sell the names and contact details of alleged victims, the very notion that he should be holding seminars and presenting himself as an expert on "child abuse" is a disgrace,

Those who attend and host MWT at these times need to be looked at carefully.

There is the potential for real legal problems for all involved.

A court has found MWT to be highly suspect when it comes to protecting the anonymity of victims. He should be subject to Criminal Background Checks.
Just as others who are accused but found innocent no longer find they can work as teachers because they too end up on CBC data base, remember Mark Williams-Thomas was accused of blackmail and prosecuted.(he keeps removing this from his Wikipedia page..despite someone including it as soon as it disappears...this is a man who has no trouble reminding those who may have been convicted decades ago. The public has a right to know his history)

While he was found Not Guilty..the facts presented were not disputed. A jury found that there was reasonable doubt it was blackmail.
His ethics as a "journalist" were found to be wanting.

I suppose though we will have to await the trial of "Nick" to see whether some coppers aided in 'Nick ' in his actions.

As Tim Fenton of the Zelo Blog often says..."squeaky bum time" for many people.
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