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TOPIC: 4 Billion miles away...
4 Billion miles away... 5 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
You see my totally unscientific opinion has been, for years, that life as we know it today existed billions of years ago; as, slowly, the sun dies, so further planets froze up and died - most recently Mars (yes I think there was Life On Mars - I used to discuss it with Bowie). I wonder whether someone, 4 billion years ago, wrote and recorded Everyone's Gone To The Moon?
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Re:4 Billion miles away... 5 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Reading about the chinese moon landing craft I understand that they have set up a radio device on the far side of the moon. As it is on the far side it is free from picking up radio noise from earth..

Perhaps it will pick up Everyone Has Gone To The Moon being played from a radio station in an adjacent galaxy...?

If it does you will need a very smart lawyer re royalties....
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Re:4 Billion miles away... 5 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
perhaps JK is a descendant of Aliens !

we just cannot get our heads around the notion of infinity and eternity can we?

I believe that life as we know has possibly come and gone millions of times..perhaps 100s of times even just on Earth.

also everything that is possible must have or will happen..there is an infinity of living beings in the infinity of Space !!

Pretty sure Aliens slip through portals as well ( millions of variations !! imagine a million Heddas ! )and as for all those UFO sightings (annoying that so many fake them on Youtube)..I reckon the reason we only see them briefly (look up into the sky at a high flying jet and you see how difficult it is to see it and how it vanished so quickly)....that many are Alien Tourists on Sight Seeing Tours and are told they cannot get out and mingle with the natives /locals because they are extremely dangerous and their travel insurance does not cover injury.
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