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TOPIC: Registering...
Registering... 5 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
We've had several complaints that our filters will not let them Register for KingOfHits - it is only voluntary, not compulsory; you can still read and post without registering. Our filters often block proxies and regularly offending URL's (sometimes groups of them, not specifics) so innocent, decent, fine living and honourable posters might get unregistered but you can still post and read as normal. Remember - this site's been going for nearly 25 years now and although we've had many upgrades of systems, some aspects are a trifle ancient. But it spares us from the thousands of automatic spams that companies seem determined to swamp the Internet with: we are planning a whole reboot this year. But it must retain all past posts and archive (we lost millions of early posts when StarBlvds went down in Asia years ago).
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Re:Registering... 5 Months, 1 Week ago  
That's all cool -
(though I guess it does beg the question, why bother having the registering thing?) - It has caused us some small issues in creating the confidential and trusted area of The Pig & Crown But we wanted to be able to offer some strong degree of security for those sharing an ongoing case where monstrous regiments of enemies might try and sabotage someone's burning need for support.

anyway - shameless advertising aside - it would be good if more people made use of this, and the P&C, to discuss the ongoing progress or lack of it in turning around our political and judicial systems so that the loopy #fakefeminist dogma is eliminated from our institutions where it has succeeded in destroying justice for so many of us.
What little I can do is in the form of films and lobbying - but if the 50,000 falsely accused in just the last 12 months did the same we could kick some serious butt.
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