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This sums up the mess the global Judiciary is in...
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TOPIC: This sums up the mess the global Judiciary is in...
This sums up the mess the global Judiciary is in... 5 Months, 1 Week ago  
"In a footnote to the ruling Gutierrez said he was not determining whether Judd was sexually harassed by Weinstein "in the colloquial sense of the term."

The meanings of words have altered due to media inflation and wanting a great story. "Rape" now can mean kissing someone without their permission.
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Re:This sums up the mess the global Judiciary is in... 5 Months, 1 Week ago  
I always thought that most of the Weinstein claims will bite the dust. Judd will not succeed in any further legal actions.

Missing in all this @MeToo movement which I think is bizarre is the fact few people seem to understand how ruthless US man and women in Hollywood can be when pursuing fame and a career.

No-one seems to be writing at all about this.

Rose McGowan is a perfect example.

There are numerous others but I know for a fact (because I have a pal in the publishers) that Mc Gowan..really a has been as far as a Hollywood career goes...did not make any Weinstein claims in her original manuscript.

As a fairly unknown actress her publishers balked at doing a deal as it just wasn't that interesting..

And thus a new manuscript included her helpfully forgotten Weinstein claims was presented but even then...the publishers sat on the claims for a full year until the timing was right.

Next you will be telling me that a now very famous Hollywood Australian superstar married an even more famous Hollywood action star (who is only 5'6 - I know because I've played pool with him once and he was my height but with obvious 1" elevator shoes) in a 10 year deal to present a heterosexual image (no problem with that) and Lo & Behold they split up after 9 yrs & 6 months and she went on to marry a country & western singer while he had a few more not very convincing affairs.

## having played nursemaid to the Aussie star's fantastic publicist through what was a very stressful "divorce" with real fears the "wife" would be destroyed..that tale should be told at some stage.
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