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The one nobody wants to talk about....
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TOPIC: The one nobody wants to talk about....
Jake Maverick

The one nobody wants to talk about.... 6 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
I see most of the content on this board is regarding false allegations and legal proceedings....but there is one where they can bypass the whole 'legal' side of things in it's entirety....

that seems to have had 60 odd pages deleted as well, not by what that in itself tell ya?

I'm currently destitute/ no papers, can't even get a bank can't get a home without those and references now either....and i'm also under the constant threat of internment for life if i ever try and leave this place....currently effectively being held prisoner by some 'people' as their slave.....would have much rather have died on the streets a decade ago! 13 years in this situation now....

If anybody can possibly help/ suggest anything I would be very grateful. If you're on the streets how do you get off the streets when you have no papers? How do you survive when pigyobs and other suspected g-men steal your sleeping bag and throw cold water over you in this weather....?
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Re:The one nobody wants to talk about.... 6 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Jake, the blog is very lengthy and complicated.
Can we bring it back to your direct needs at the moment?

Can you tell us where you are, and if you have somewhere safe to sleep tonight?
You sound exhausted and distraught.
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Jake Maverick

Re:The one nobody wants to talk about.... 6 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
yeah, exhausted distraught and terrified.

I have somewhere to sleep but not really slept properly for over a decade's not safe to sleep there or even be there when the state knows where you are.

it's illegal for anybody to even speak to me as i have no papers...ganging my head against the proverbial wall for 13 years now....6th January was the anniversary, that was the date I had to flee the city in 2006 after numerous attacks and several attempts on my life. Pretty shocked to see my old gaff featuring in the latest Dr Who series TBH....

until there is massive political change there is no way out for me, apart from the illegal trying to publicise as much as possible in hope of attaining that.
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Re:The one nobody wants to talk about.... 6 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Sorry to hear about your situation. This comment from a discussion thread might help with getting some papers.

How does one get ID papers when you're homeless and destitute? UK

If you were born in the UK then you’ll have an entry in the register of births. To get a copy of that certificate see here: Order a copy of a birth, death or marriage certificate .

If you have ever been employed you will have a National Insurance Number. To find out what it is see here: Find a lost National Insurance number .

These are sent by post so you’ll need someone to receive the letters for you. A local charity which supports the homeless will be able to help with that.

There aren’t any other formal ID documents. If you have had a full driving licence in the past you can get a replacement from the DVLC and once you have the birth certificate you can get a passport but that’s expensive.
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Re:The one nobody wants to talk about.... 6 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Jake, I agree with the advice that Jo gave,and in addition,if you can get to any Salvation Army church they will help, as will any of the homeless charities.

In practice,you would be treated at A&E, even with no ID, so dont be afraid of getting checked if you think you need it.

I think you need to tell someone how you are feeling.
Practical problem aside,it sounds like you could use a bit of support.
Maybe give the Samaritans a ring, because they will have come across this problem many times, so can easily help you sort it.

If I was you, I would condense all the main points of your blog into one page,and have that as the part people see first.
you could give a link to the rest of it in case anyone wants more detail.

I hope you get back on your feet soon Jake.
I wish you peace and happiness to come.
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Jake Maverick

Re:The one nobody wants to talk about.... 6 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
This is always what people come out with....but what do you think I have been doing for the last 13 years?

Salavation Army or any other org refuses to even speak to me. I can only do 'online'...need it writing and very difficult to speak clearly and for long with dislocated jaw.

I had two copies of my birth certificate, both of which have managed to walk off from a metal LOCKED box within the last 18 months or so.

I know my NINO, still remember that to this day along with my old phone bank account numbers when i had them.....despite the drugs they used on me, kicking and punching repeatedly in head and electric current passed through my brain....I still remember! It's not arrogance when I say I used to be super smart, compared to the average but after what they did and left to rot all this time not so much anymore JM 40 9* 54 C

Just *'d out one number just in case....but I know it is in use as the people that tortured me have been claiming benefits in my name ever many others I wonder?

Neither of these things are of any use when trying to open a bank need one of 3 things, armed forces ID card, passport or driving license. i.e. state issued ID obviously which they not going to do anyway....this is the continuation of what used to be MKultra and contelpro....I do doubt that it's even British G-men calling the shots.....but it is also a fact that you can't get any of those 3 state issued photo IDs WITHOUT a bank account already and agree to have them linked. It is the 'law'.

In addition to that bank's also want copies of your utility bills....which a) you don't have when you're homeless and b) this information is PRIVATE and none of the bank staff's business....what do you think they do with that info?

+ 20 year loss of earnings claim against the govt never mind the rest should I ever get said papers back and it's to get everybody else compensated FIRST, is always the point....people have this notion to look after themselves, then their family, then their friends and largely sod everybody else....but I always been backwards in that regard! So many things on this planet are backwards, upside down, wrong way up....

So I really do wish peeps will stop going on about NINOs and birth certificates (tell it to Barry Sontero) as it get's most annoying.

There are no homeless orgs where I am currently 'surviving'.

Yes...and lot of it is down to all that preparatory legislation last Labour govt passed ready for ID cards, that was promptly scrapped...but the prep legislation still there! Make a mockery of human rights act....doesn't matter how many times they stab me in the eyes with lit cigarettes or ram their penises in and out of my's not going to cure me of this delusion as it's NOT a delusion

Pedo parents get old now so I am running out of time...when they're dead I presume it's internment again for rest of my life for me unless I take steps to prevent that....just want to make it to end of this year, see how GoT and a few other things turn out....

I WILL not accept any so called in this cuntry, been repeatedly explained to them....many reasons for that...they killed my gran and my aunt, they protect and work for the pedos that have been torturing me....the guy that refused medical attention was beaten up and thrown out of back of ambulance... anon knobheads gaoled his mum for life when she respected his wishes and euthanised him....fact that cameras/ film it all and sell it to tv companies as entertainment....fact that they call these simple facts 'delusions' that need to be cured by anal rape amongst other called NHS spine/ plastering your private stuff on tinternet and sharing it with pigyobs...and I will have nothing that has been tortured on animals...or the Jews for that matter which rules out everything the state or private has to offer in that regard anyway.....

I sent all the paperwork to court but they just sent it back demanding bank details and payment of a fee....all of which the manager at Nottingham County Court agreed to wave (Ms Susan Kerr) before I spent over a year writing it all out....Most lawyers refuse to speak to me...'cept one...I forget his name but an Italian lawyer who once represented Jeremy Bamber.....and he wants a couple of million quid before he even does anything. That is how large the case is now from a legal point of view....

That was the condensed version! Everything since has not been added to that....and as i said, 60 odd pages been stolen from it....This is part of the whole point WHY they keep escalating it again and again so it has become all way too big and wieldy for anybody to even want to help me deal with it. I offered to settle with them a decade money, just papers back and removal of the threat. No reply accept more violence.....if i ever do defend myself, what do you think will happen then....?
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