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more Michael Jackson balderdash
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TOPIC: more Michael Jackson balderdash

more Michael Jackson balderdash 2 Months, 1 Week ago  
another "expert" makes bizarre claims:

"Historically, as a society we have actually found it very difficult to believe allegations or to acknowledge possible signs that child sexual abuse is occurring."

Perhaps she has been asleep for the last 20 years. In the Western word the vast general public have only been too eager to believe anything, real or imagined when it comes to child abuse.

On another (brilliant) thread Holocaust 21 blames "feminism".

There's a lot to that and it's why Germaine Greer despairs at the utter nitwits who have taken over what was a once good campaign to encourage women who wanted to be more than housewivs, to shake free the various shackles, men, society and other women place on them.

But now the Feminazis have hi-jacked the entire movement and proclaimed it's all about sex.

Indeed Greer shatters one repeated aspect of today's mantras : that victims of sex assaults should have anonymity.

"Why ?" she says.."it's a way of telling those victims they should be ashamed of what happened to them when it isn't their fault".

She reckons victims of rape, men or women, should be able to shout it from the rooftops. Anonymity is another way of telling people when this particular crime happens to should be ashamed.. and..your life has probably been ROONED.

But here is the biggest fantasy about the Michael Jackson madness ( I give it about another month)..He was accused, charged and tried..and found Not Guilty. I have no idea of the could I ?

But the USA now has a president who has been accused of rape, of sexually assaulting up to 19 women. of raping an underage teen girl ( Jeffrey Epstein) and indeed, being a close pal of said Jeffrey Epstein and partying with him on his island ( Bill Clinton same same) and ..has even said on tape that he gropes women and grabs them by the pussy !!!

And basically no-one gives a stuff.
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