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IICSA 5 Months, 4 Weeks ago  
Not getting much media coverage (never does when it proves media coverage to have been bollocks) though it may now, as all media reads these posts, The Times does reveal today's hearing as they reveal the worst, indeed only evidence against Sir Peter Hayman in 1981 - "he used to like playing Father Christmas so he could dandle children on his knee"!! Apart from this being ludicrous, it revives that word Dandle which, I thought, was a dead Crimewatch presenter.
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Re:IICSA 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
JK2006 wrote:
... it revives that word Dandle which, I thought, was a dead Crimewatch presenter.

No, JK, that's Jan Dildo errr Jill Dando.

"Dandle" appears quite often in the Game of Thrones novels and, I assume, the TV series which I've never watched. The author was probably using an archaism to create a long long ago sword and sorcery atmosphere.
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Re:IICSA 3 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Recent tweet by Daniel Janner, QC:

"@inquiryCSA Hamish Baillie is another core participant who has waived anonymity. Our investigator finds he has multiple convictions for serious dishonesty. Janner Strand will be worryingly compromised."

Harrowing story of abuse

The father-of-three said his whole life has been ruined by the abuse and he has “major trust issues” with adults. ...

He reported the Lord Janner abuse in 2013 after reading an article printed in a national newspaper.

Labour peer abused me at 15. Will someone PLEASE tell me why he's never faced a court: Victim allegedly abused by Lord Janner breaks silence to say decision not to prosecute 'beggars belief'

The father-of-three said he turned to drugs as a result of the abuse...

He was placed in care aged 15 for ‘rebellious behaviour’...
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Re:IICSA 3 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Despite the all-knowingness of the internet, and allowing for imperfect searching skills, I can't find anything to indicate that a Hamish Baillie has been convicted of anything. Wonder if he's altered his name.

It seems to me that, assuming that Greville Janner had anything to do with children's homes and it wasn't just a complete invention, he and Jimmy Savile and their families have paid a high price for showing generosity towards children and/or wayward teenagers. Colin Gregg also apparently "helped raise millions of pounds for various children's charities" (ITV). Maybe it would have been safer to steer clear of children altogether and raise money for animal charities.
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