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TOPIC: Knuckledragger nation

Knuckledragger nation 1 Year ago  
Really, is there any hope? Check out the online comments quoted in the video.

Video: The false child abduction rumours against Romanians in Great Yarmouth

False rumours that Romanians are trying to steal children in Great Yarmouth have been shared thousands of times online.

The Facebook posts allege that groups of eastern Europeans have tried to abduct children from the Norfolk seaside resort.

Police found no evidence to support the claims and contacted individuals making the posts to try and shut down the rumours.

At least 4,000 people from eastern Europe live in the town.

As part of a special series, BBC News is exploring the challenges and the opportunities for communities in ♯CoastalBritain

I read an article recently (can't remember where, can't find it online, possibly in The Times) describing an incident in a holiday resort in the Med when British holidaymakers had kicked up a fuss about Romanians in the car park outside their hotel, claiming they were trying to abduct their children. The local police had apparently concluded that they hadn't been doing that at all.

These stories from 2015 have elements of the one I read, including the allegation that eastern European hotel staff were child abductors in disguise (turned out not to be true according to the article I read).

Daily Mail: Cyprus police quiz man over child-kidnap fears at hotel filled with British families after a father 'found video of their children on his phone'
Daily Star: Child-snatchers dressed as WAITERS caught trying to kidnap British kids in Cyprus
BBC: How dad stopped child kidnap suspect on Cyprus holiday ("Police in Cyprus say they found no evidence of attempted abductions.")
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Re:Knuckledragger nation 1 Year ago  
This seems to fit here. The Jeremy Kyle Show was apparently ITV's most popular programme.

The Jeremy Kyle Show axed by ITV after death of guest

The Jeremy Kyle Show was the most popular programme in ITV's daytime schedule, with an average of one million viewers and a 22% audience share.
When did the rot set in? Was it with Thatcher ("no such thing as society", communities left behind, widening divide between rich and poor, deteriorating educational standards, etc.)? Or is it just a deterioration in TV tastes, with a liking for "reality shows" and public humiliation (Jeremy Kyle Show apparently started in 2005, The Weakest Link in 2000, Big Brother in 2000)?
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Re:Knuckledragger nation 1 Year ago  
I love Romania.

But Romanians sort of fill-in for Gypsies don't they (and there's a large Romany population there) so it's the old "Gypsies stealing children" myth.

Along with Poles who have stolen all the roof mending jobs.
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