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shocking crimes against good taste
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TOPIC: shocking crimes against good taste

shocking crimes against good taste 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
I guess this wasn't a Savile Row production. For once he matches Melania's hideous tatse in "fashion". No wonder Tom Ford (he's such a nice bloke) refused to dress them as a task too difficult. What our beloved Monarch has had to put up with over the decades.

The paparazzi nabbed a pic of The Queen's housekeeper in the garden after she witness president Trump in his tails.

WTF? Ivanka in a Cabinet Meeting? Anyone heard of the word Nepotism? Do people realise the entire world is laughing at these clowns? (and their hosts..not The Queen of course..she's a saint)
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Silent Minority

Re:shocking crimes against good taste 3 Weeks, 1 Day ago  
Back to the very best of Veritas.

I'm sure you Hedda were involved with spitting image years back...this is your real strength...bang on form....but I must say her regalness does look like Dumpty the dwarf...and Phillip looks like he's auditioning for the part of Gollums father in Michael Gove is Groovy...the Tory Twat makes a movie...

I await more
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Re:shocking crimes against good taste 3 Weeks ago  

I noticed that his waistcoat seemed a bit long. Designed to show off his big belly?
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Re:shocking crimes against good taste 3 Weeks ago  
All the fashions on display during Trump's visit to the UK

Looking at these, what strikes me as a difference between the royals and Trump and Co is that the royals look effortless. I'd say that Camilla looks more elegant than Melania, to be honest, more comfortable and less forced.
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