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Rape complaints and the False Allegations Industry
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TOPIC: Rape complaints and the False Allegations Industry
Rape complaints and the False Allegations Industry 3 Months, 1 Week ago  
The figures may indicate that there are more rape complaints than convictions. Or they may indicate that more people decide they were raped when they weren't. There are many reasons for this and for false allegations; genuine misunderstandings and mis-interpretation of words and situations; memories being affected by media coverage over the past decades (I mean, which lad who played and failed in football could fail to believe they had been raped by their coaches, these days?). Historical allegations are almost all exaggerated by media, memory, time, if not entirely fictional. There are dozens of far worse motives for making or inflating lies; money, desire for revenge or sympathy, child custody, insanity.

Prosecutors - until recently not allowed to disbelieve a complainant, no matter how insane they tend to be (think "Nick", think David Bryant's false accuser, think Jemma Beale, think Cliff's liars, think Gambo's accusers, think Edward Heath) - pretend it's stupid Jurors not accepting evidence like text messages saying "I'm about to make up lies about you" - we had a couple almost as bad as that - have found again and again that the overwhelming evidence is that many rapes never took place. So they have dropped some fake claims, being as kind as possible (even, sometimes, allowing false accusers "compensation" for being the victims of crimes that never happened).

Police - many of whom are decent and honest - and CPS lawyers (ditto) are terrified of refusing to bring mad claims to court, knowing they will be exposed as lies. "Victims" groups - many with the best intentions and with several genuine rapes mis-handled by victims - scream "conspiracy".

But the fact is - as I predicted 20 years ago - we are in the middle of a massive crime wave, some of which is unintended but the bulk of which is dreadful and intentional... the False Allegations Industry. Backed by media (good stories), lazy or frightened police and bad lawyers, there is an explosion of people, men and women, after money using a technically legal (unless they can be proved lies) loophole.

Time to close it.
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Re:Rape complaints and the False Allegations Industry 3 Months, 1 Week ago  
And when it gets to the point -as in a current high profile Appeal by a church figure in Australia - that the media quotes self-appointed so-called "victim survivor" advocates that such appeals could "trigger" distress for victims you know it's all gone batshit crazy..but also it's become very very nasty.

I have never ever seen such an analogy made's like someone convicted of any crime being told they risk causing distress for other victims of crime so just accept your punishment, merited or not.

It's blatant bloody bullshit, it's utterly outrageous for "quality" media to publish such dangerous claptrap.

Witch Hunts go through stages: towards the end the Witch Finders lash out in furiously in all sorts of weird ways.

In France it's said that in abuse / rape cases similar to the UK only about one third proceed to trial.
Of course they have a system I'm now very much leaning toward with police gathering evidence and a magistrate / judge taking over and further investigating & deciding whether a prosecution is merited.

Seems to remove that very bad aspect of police being repeatedly attacked by opportunist politicians for being "soft on crime".
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