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A further explanation about Surrey Police
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TOPIC: A further explanation about Surrey Police
A further explanation about Surrey Police 3 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Do please read the speech linked below. What are my complaints?

The last sentence is seriously worrying. This Senior Cop says that errors and mistakes by officers are NEVER bonkers. Not sometimes or often but NEVER.

This means the Surrey cop who decided not to check on Breck Bednar's mother's worry about Lewis Daynes was making a forgivable mistake.

I'd say "understandable" - yes. Forgivable? Yes. But still BONKERS and still the direct cause of Breck's death.

The appalling incompetence regarding Milly Dowler's murder? Useless policing but these things happen - YES - but the Surrey Police behaviour directly caused the deaths of other innocent girls. Bonkers.

And easily corrected, as Colin Sutton proved for the Met.

The deaths of Laurence Pollinger, Robert Randall and Deniz Corday came as a result and consequence of BONKERS Surrey Police behaviour - and the bonkers mistake by Ephgrave of not investigating.

There appeared to be evidence of misconduct, gross misconduct and even criminal behaviour by his officers. BONKERS to ignore the possible use of forgery. Bonkers to fail to disclose to magistrates and judges important information (as in the Liam Allan case - and as shown by Surrey Police's Oliver Mears prosecution). In my case, numerous errors were described by HHJ Taylor as a "debacle". But Ephgrave (and Munro) thought them not worth investigating. BONKERS.,co...d,64/?g2_itemId=7914
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Re:A further explanation about Surrey Police 3 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Those puzzled by the Breck Bednar reference need to read a brief synopsis. The Wikipedia article hints at - but fails to explain - the involvement of Surrey Police. Note that then Deputy Chief Constable Ephgrave failed to comment, as did his boss Lynn Owens, leaving it to an Assistant Gavin Stephens (now Chief Constable of Surrey).

I believe Breck's mother - who did everything right - has had the wool pulled over her eyes in an attempt to avoid the real problem. She has been persuaded there are thousands of loonies grooming children online (also a nice media story). Whereas, if Surrey Police had not been BONKERS, they would have checked on Daynes, found he had a record of trying to groom kids and stopped Breck from contacting him. Breck would - and should - be alive today had Surrey Police not been BONKERS.

By evading the truth (despite Surrey Police paying a huge sum after the IPCC found them to have been BONKERS), the media has allowed further erratic behaviour and deaths.
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Re:A further explanation about Surrey Police 3 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
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