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Carl Beech - this is TOO delicious
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TOPIC: Carl Beech - this is TOO delicious
Carl Beech - this is TOO delicious 3 Months, 1 Week ago  
The barminess of the Internet acquired Carlton Club information (incorrectly examined as so often) is so lethal but the "fiction" element later regarding his perfectly unscarred body is SO similar to one of my recent false accusers who, when faced with his story of having a sticker placed on him which he threw away, claimed it was an "imaginary" sticker and that he "pretended" to screw it up and throw it away (which he then mimed to the jury who very nearly burst out laughing).

These fantasists are often convincing ("credible and true") until examined. Sadly ordinary police officers are often so keen to support the crime of perverting the course of justice that they don't like to look too closely. Another example in my recent "debacle" - the first girlfriend who "could not be traced" over weeks of police searching, who our investigator found in five minutes online. And gave a sworn statement that she and he both lost their virginity together a month before their 16th birthdays - making him not just a liar but, technically, a paedophile.
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