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TOPIC: Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher 3 Months, 1 Week ago  
I'm catching up at last on the BBC series - it's terrific - do watch it Hedda. An incredible woman; like her or loathe her you must surely admire her.
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Re:Margaret Thatcher 3 Months, 1 Week ago  
I thought she was a great pm and kicked those lazy unions up the bottom

She never bought a lathe either, this woman was not for turning ... --- ...
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Re:Margaret Thatcher 3 Months, 1 Week ago  
JK2006 wrote:
I'm catching up at last on the BBC series - it's terrific - do watch it Hedda. An incredible woman; like her or loathe her you must surely admire her.

no I didn't admire her policies but thought she had the most beautiful porcelain skin I've seen on a lady. I also think she was probably mad which is probably forgivable as I think Tony Blair was far worse than Thatcher is most likely sane.

##only other woman with similar is Cate Blanchett.

Of course I only met her once when a pal who was the PR for the Sydney Ritz Carlton rang me in a flap to ask if I could rush in and take some snaps of Thatcher who was staying there and arriving shortly.

I did and we waited at the hotel's front door when 2 Jags swept up with Maggie and the British High Commissioner. Out stepped an extraordinary petite lady.

I took all my pics with Thatcher with GM etc and she snapped at me at one stage and said "I wasn't ready then young man".

When we were finished she said "thank you, it was a pleasure to work with such a polite young man ( I wasn't young)"

## only other time I had a similar experience was when the PR for a large Sydney department store rang me urgently and said "can you grab a camera and come and work for the day and pretend you are a paparazzi?"

I got there within the hour and it was for the arrival of the German designer Wolfgang Yoop who sadly, was completely unknown in Australia..we went around him for the day and made an incredible fuss of him.
Later that night he took me and another doing similar to dinner and then asked us to take him to a gay bar which we did..but he wanted a leather bar- I left them there.

## I took Thierry Muglar to a few Sydney gay bars as well. He was delightful.

### Also took Morgan Freeman to see the drag shows that featured in Priscilla!

Sorry..I've made this all about me again haven't I. People say I name drop which is not true. These all are Brushes With Fame.
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Re:Margaret Thatcher 3 Months, 1 Week ago  
Yes, I find there was much about Margaret Thatcher's character that was honest and true yet like so many of us (me certainly for a time re religion) follow an ideology as the panacea to all the woes and this following of an ideology blinds us and means no chance for "having a heart for the people". I see this faith, belief, religious zeal in a set ideology as the major obstacle and problem of leadership in politics, the obstacle to solving the problems and meeting the needs of the people.

The politician serves with a motivation that is a mixture of self promotion "Me, me, me" (seems the main emphasis of the latest crowd) and ideology. But certainly not reality.

I do wonder how Margaret Thatcher would of carried out her leadership if she had a group that challenged both themselves and her that people's needs come before a belief in "that the free market will solve all." I know in one area, I think re single mothers (can't remember for sure), she altered her views, when having the related portfolio, when she was challenged and given the pertain facts.

But sadly the challenges never happened and although I accept she acted with integrity and a honest belief it was just a belief in an ideology and not reality. Thus many poor sidelined people suffered terribly under her leadership and the consequences were far reaching in there devastating outcomes.
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