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TOPIC: Staggering
Staggering 11 Months ago  
Virtually every breach of discipline and behaviour was reflected in Operation Ravine by Surrey Police; it's not just the Met who are "rotten to the core".
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Re:Staggering 11 Months ago  
I note a reliance on a counsellor. Whether a psychologist, a charity worker, priest or other similar role will have people in need having regular sessions. Naturally people like been listened too. So often exaggerations and complete fabrications will be the norm and the counsellor often will have no idea of the truth, the counsellor can only encourage a person to be honest with themselves and others. But their job is to listen and act like they believe or at least taking an interest. So as these counsellors will hear all kinds of stories. so counsellors should not be involved, requested or expected, in the normal course of their job, to give a judgement, report or be relied upon in any way. It is outside the role. They are the listeners of stories in the hope they can encourage the person seeking attention to establish honest clear and good reasoning behaviour. Of if the person has money or NHS paying no matter what, then real help will lose income so I expect some never really try to resolve the problems

And counsellors need to understand they should be reluctant to get involved unless someone causes them deep concern that harm may really happen, be happening to someone. But normally whether, they encourage stories, recovered memories or whatever should almost never move over to accept the stories as fact and then report (Not that there are reasonably honest people telling the truth and seeking clear help and,just it is a mixed bag and fantasists to varying degrees are included). The setting is another area that encourages fantasies. A reason for the person to return and tell another story.
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