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TOPIC: What did Chelsea say?
What did Chelsea say? 4 Months ago  
Answer - "Chelsea" did not say anything. It is an area of London. It may also be a football club. But whatever it is, it does not speak. Below is the subtext translation of what "a spokesman" may have meant.

What did Chelsea say?

In a statement, Chelsea apologised for the "terrible past experiences of some of our former players" and said their own "exhaustive investigation" would "ensure that abhorrent abuse like this can never happen again".

BULLSHIT. This is what a statement that wants to appease the media sounds like. It means nothing and is guff.

Chelsea also committed to assessing compensation claims for victims.

BULLSHIT. Anyway "IT" can afford it as long as fans keep attending (which they would even if the club had committed mass murder).

A Barnardo's report said Chelsea now had a "healthy culture where young people are encouraged to speak up and are heard" and that their safeguarding culture and measures "bear no resemblance" to that of the past.

Ah Barnardos. Never been any problems there?

Barnardo's has given the club made a number of recommendations for further improvement, all of which are being implemented.

Never trust a charity "speaking" about anything except saying "we want money".

On Heath, Chelsea said: "It is evident from the review that Heath was a dangerous and prolific child abuser. His conduct was beyond reprehensible."

What is evident is that there are more false accusers about dead people than about live ones and many more about employees of wealthy organisations.

Chelsea acknowledged the "overwhelming information" that a member of staff during the 1980s and 1990s subjected young players to bullying and racially abusive behaviour.

Overwhelming? Oh yeah? Pull the other one; it's got boots on.

The club apologised to all players who experienced this deeply shocking behaviour.

Apologies cost nothing as the compensation lawyers will be telling a certain Russian in due course who will dip into his pockets for some small change to make lawyers and false accusers go away please.
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