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TOPIC: It would never happen to me

It would never happen to me 4 Months ago  
"It would never happen to me, I don't do anything illegal"..famous last words from a well known Oz gay journalist to me whose hatred for the Catholic Church (and George Pell) is obvious and whose "moralising" is often difficult to bear.

But it can and may (it hasn't though)..anyone can be accused today. Absolutely anyone and once the accusation is made..well it's basically downhill from then on and the end of your life as you knew it.

Just ask Cliff, Harvey Proctor, ex Commissioner Mike Veale etc.

The accusation can be true or a lie. Makes no difference and it's unique because no evidence or proof is required..just the claim.

It's the cops today (brought ii on themselves really) but IT WILL BE the media tomorrow. Mark my words. Those in the media are exceptionally arrogant in their belief that they somehow occupy a privileged position where normal rules do not apply to them.

8th August
Two senior Gwent Police officers suspended after allegations of a sexual assault
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Re:It would never happen to me 4 Months ago  
We always said that anyone who has ever been alone with someone else could easily find themselves accused, but the fiasco of Rolf Harris convicted for pretend crimes at a pretend event, and the poor chap who was minding his own business walking in a crowd at a train station only to be accused of assault,(and then stitched up by the police!) shows that you dont even have to be alone or interacting with someone for it to happen.
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