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Revenge is a dish best served cold
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TOPIC: Revenge is a dish best served cold
Revenge is a dish best served cold 4 Months ago  
I remember when dear friend Simon Cowell offered to stand bail for me in 2000 (long before he became famous) and said he was considering taking on Max Clifford to protect him from the ravages of celebrity, I advised him to do so (Max was very good at his job) but told him that Clifford was behind what had happened to me (encouraging Kirk McIntyre to invent me as a famous abuser in order to boost the value of his claims) and that I would "get him in the end" - Revenge is a dish best served cold.
It took me some years and had I anticipated the eventual results I would have begged God to forget it.
But I have continued to try to see Karma kicking in.
Kirk himself suffered, long before I was declared NOT GUILTY by a jury of 12 Southwark individuals in 2018.
Others have seen Karma kick in. Mark Williams Thomas - attempting to revive his imploding career by starting a website according to the Daily Star. Various assorted bent cops. Charity bosses who are not what they seem to be. Media people prepared to sacrifice truth in order to get a good story. Judges. Jurors.

Daily Star August 12, 2019 Monday
'Let me help to solve cold case killings';
THE former detective who exposed Jimmy Savile is launching his own website to find answers to Britain's unsolved murder www.cases.TV investigator Mark Williams-Thomas also claims sexual-abuse gangs are far more widespread than we think and believes prostitution should be legalised.
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Re:Revenge is a dish best served cold 4 Months ago  
Wow, you can make lot of TV programmes out of the above filmed in shadowy darkness with haunting sinister music behind it with W-T sitting staring at a screen or out to sea the absolutely 100% solving zilch.
Mark is good, very good on conning people drawing them in and making it look like he has found new evidence, they get a good story and he gets a good pay day.
I wonder if Simon Cowell still want W-T around, Mark did fail to mention an X factor contestant last week in the newspapers but obviously to busy to see that one.

I am not a religious person in any way but I do believe in the balance of Karma.Williams-Thomas breakdown last year proves it.
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Re:Revenge is a dish best served cold 4 Months ago  
Mark has much more coming his way as do various other friends of his, colleagues and allies in the False Allegations Industry, those enabling dishonesty whilst concealing some very nasty secrets of their own. Those who shout loudest whilst pocketing fortunes attempting to pervert the course of justice may find Lady Karma standing at their door, often accompanied by the Grim Reaper.
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Re:Revenge is a dish best served cold 3 Months, 4 Weeks ago  
Daily Star?

scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

he's never solved a crime yet..what makes a tabloid think he can now with a frigging website that will attract all sorts of loons.

even in the case he mentions he muddies the waters.

Earth to MWT and Daily Star..prostitution is not illegal.

what a goose.
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