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New board game called CLUELESS
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TOPIC: New board game called CLUELESS

New board game called CLUELESS 6 Months ago  
Dear old MWT has found another feed in investigating the investigated.
The answer is
The pop star
In the closet
With a stiffy
Or a lead pipe

Mark Williams-Thomas
Coming very soon- in partnership with
a new podcast series #TheDetective . Which will look at potential Miscarriages of Justice. In this series, I will put the listener at the centre of my re-investigation , and a website with documents will support each episode.
11:39 am · 25 Aug 2019·Twitter for iPhone

Please look at the photo, what's this staring at the camera thing looking vacant ?
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Re:New board game called CLUELESS 6 Months ago  
The irony of MWT doing a TV show about miscarriages of justice, is off the scale.
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Re:New board game called CLUELESS 6 Months ago  
This is going to be the next big money feed for MWT, hope he does better at solving the Miscarriages as never once has he solved a crime in any of his other adventures.
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Re:New board game called CLUELESS 5 Months, 4 Weeks ago  
Billy Bullshit back on the road.
Scratch and sniff DVDs all round.

It's a contest now between Mark 'Manure Williams and Carl 'Keyser Soze' Beech.

They are both shit at it!
You really wouldn't believe it!
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