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Collateral Damage - Brexit's Biggest
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TOPIC: Collateral Damage - Brexit's Biggest

Collateral Damage - Brexit's Biggest 6 Months ago  
Ireland will be seriously damaged - tourists from the UK are substantially down already, this year.

Most of Ireland's beef and dairy products (70/80%) are currently sold to the UK - and Brexit is likely to demolish this market.

Leaving Ireland's farmers with major problems. Agriculture and food produce are its biggest industries.

And having gone virtually bankrupt just a few years ago, the country has one of the largest National Debts, per capita, in developed countries.

€200+ billion, requiring annual interest of €5 billion to service.

Now, a physical border - between North and South - is likely; a godsend for IRA smuggling and terrorist activities.

Peace, terrorism, social unrest and severe austerity loom ahead for the Emerald Isle - Brexit's victims #1....

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Re:Collateral Damage - Brexit's Biggest 6 Months ago  
Conflict... (not peace*)...
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Re:Collateral Damage - Brexit's Biggest 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Leo Varadkar (Ireland's first gay PM/of Indian descent) is becoming increasingly anxious - and the entire population of the island is closely watching Westminster.

Their fervent hope is that Brexit will occur, with a deal - protecting one of their biggest markets; and the largest for food produce.

Currently imports/exports cross the invisible border 24/7 - by land, sea and rail - without hindrance, tarriffs, inspections etc.

Preparations are now being quickly made for a no-deal scenario by the Irish government - at last.

And by thousands of seriously unprepared businesses - who may well close as a result of mistakenly thinking that a Brexit deal had to be inevitable.

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Re:Collateral Damage - Brexit's Biggest 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Boris - having a busy week - will meet Leo Varadkar (PM of Ireland) this morning, in Dublin.

LV will seek assurances the the Irish border won't reappear; it would be extremely damaging to Ireland's economy.

And that of Northern Ireland.

However - in view of the ever changing Brexit scenario - LV has little hope for any meaningful statement, or announcement.

Because of Boris' other current priorities...

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