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Mark SYCO silence Xfactor contestant
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TOPIC: Mark SYCO silence Xfactor contestant

Mark SYCO silence Xfactor contestant 6 Months ago  
Mark seems to be very forgetful at the moment no tweet regarding Saunders and nothing about this

Both he has connections with and both he protects. He even manages to get a dig at Price Andrew in a retweet as he is not brave enough to go up against the Royals.
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Re:Mark SYCO silence Xfactor contestant 6 Months ago  
How does MWT have a connection with Danny Tetley?
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Sheba Bear

Re:Mark SYCO silence Xfactor contestant 6 Months ago  
He did tweet yesterday that he was "working on a submission today to the Commison [sic] on Miscarriage of Justice."

I trust that JK and Rolf Harris (to name but two) will be featured in the report. And that an acknowledgement will be made to the effect that Jimmy Savile was not convicted of sex crimes during his lifetime and in the eyes of the law (if not rabid tabloid readers) is an innocent man.
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Re:Mark SYCO silence Xfactor contestant 6 Months ago  
Jo. To answer your question.
X factor is a Simon Cowell =SYCO show
This guy was on Simon Cowells show
Simon Cowell was the backing for The Investigator TV series Mark went to Simon Cowell with the idea and SYCO produced it Jo marks connection with Simon would obviously be a conflict of interest for future work.
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