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TOPIC: Have I gone mad?
Have I gone mad? 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
The entire Boris strategy is so obvious that I find it incredible how everybody seems to be falling for it; it's like the Emperor's New Clothes in the sex abuse fiasco. He intends to go to the EU and get a changed Withdrawal Bill which his people will attempt to say is totally different from the mad May deal. The EU will happily go along with this, knowing that the likely outcome will be the end of Brexit. Boris will return from Europe in triumph - no NoDeal! No "having to ask for an extension". The opposition will say OK we'll pass this as long as there is a confirmatory referendum. Grudgingly, shouting, shrieking about "the mandate" and the will of the people, Boris will be forced to agree. The referendum will be 80% against Brexit. Boris will pretend to be offended but will say "Oh well, the public has spoken". He doesn't care one way or the other; he just wants to be Prime Minister.
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Re:Have I gone mad? 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
Hope you're right...
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Re:Have I gone mad? 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
you may well have gone mad but the strategy you laid out is very similar to what I believe is the end goal.

I don;t believe Boris gives a stuff about Brexit one way or the other....the sheer vacuousness of his claims over the greatest ever change in modern British life and industry is never discussed by him.

He just demands No Deal without ever ever talking about the consequences good or bad.

I do believe you are right..he wants another referendum which will vote Remain mainly because so many people are now freaked out because they still don;t understand the consequences good or bad.

## AND THIS a Hedda prediction !!! Those who live in the EU who were illegally denied a vote..up to one million British Citizens around the world were denied a vote (not sure but I think it's 20 years continuous living outside the UK and you can no longer vote)..will be voting..Boris will gallantly say they must be given their lawful right..and that will easily sway NO!

I only differ in that you may not think the Opposition knows that his game plan is..I think they are steps ahead of him because everyone in politics and in business knows exactly who Boris is..a lying conniving ratbag carperbagger with no morals, no policies and no original thought (and that's just what his friends say).

Plus his crash and burn "strategy" is straight out of the Steve Bannon cookbook..they only reason Boris has got where he is because of Britain's wretched right wing media, the Mail and Rupert Murdoch.

I predict this: that media (including the BBC) will soon be saying .."yes a second referendum must happen"..can you imagine if the UK crashes out with No Deal and things go haywire and the consequences for the media who supported it?

However..will Boris' scorched earth strategy work? Is it British? Remember..we never hear from the majority of Brits ..we are just told what they think via the media and the gawd awful (politically partisan) BBC ..

The same media predicted just 2 years ago and enough pundits were convinced including the New Labour Carpet Baggers..that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn would be wiped out. The opposite happened.
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Re:Have I gone mad? 5 Months, 3 Weeks ago  
I wonder if Boris is demanding no deal because it's what the Brexit Party is calling for and he wants to eliminate them.

It's a 15-year cut-off for Brits living overseas.

"You can register as an overseas voter for up to 15 years after leaving the UK"
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