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TOPIC: Boris - it is SO obvious!
Boris - it is SO obvious! 5 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
He's off to the EU to do his deal (no Amber Thicko Rudd; his lack of planning team for a deal doesn't mean No Deal; it means his deal is so easy and so simple it doesn't need planning). OK - Backstop dropped; replaced by a simple statement - no matter what the outcome there will be no hard border on the island of Ireland. He won't specify HOW but the EU will understand, if that means a border in the sea rather than "new technology", no problem.

Ah, Thicko and others will say; then he'll lose the DUP.

Who cares? He's lost his majority anyway. The DUP can support or oppose - who cares?

We suspect his "new" Boris/May deal will only get through the Commons if attached to an immediate Confirmatory Referendum. He knows that. The EU knows that. Only Thickoes and Media (wait until it becomes a "good story") don't see that.

Because Boris, quite intelligently actually, realises Brexit is terribly unimportant, blown out of all proportion. The UK will survive, in or out of the EU. If the Confirmatory Referendum, as expected, deals Brexit a death blow he will cry crocodile tears, say "the people have spoken", call a General Election, watch the Brexit party disappear (can there be one person in the entire country who wants Brexit to go on?), watch Boris get elected with a whopping majority.

It is SOOOO obvious.
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Re:Boris - it is SO obvious! 5 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
A man pretending! In reality he's thinking "this is going exactly the way I planned it".
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Re:Boris - it is SO obvious! 5 Months, 2 Weeks ago  
Boris naysayers completely overlook just how clever he is as he subtly diverts attention away from the other speaker's very relevant points and keeps the spotlight on himself..
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