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This is really an extraordinary ENABLERS story
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TOPIC: This is really an extraordinary ENABLERS story
This is really an extraordinary ENABLERS story 8 Months, 1 Week ago  
Hiding in plain sight - often used against Jimmy Savile who, I'm certain, was NOT an abuser. The enablers who assist, encourage and often even provoke or invent False Accusers have, until now, gotten away with it. "Protect their own" - Police, Lawyers, Therapists, Journalists, Publishers - just read this.
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Re:This is really an extraordinary ENABLERS story 8 Months, 1 Week ago  
I always thought Savile at most possibly slept with a couple of slightly underage girls..bearing in mind he had very long time girlfriends and never sought publicity over it..and he's entire persona was an act.

I only met Jimmy once in the foyer of Broadcasting House when he came down to collect a record I was promoting..a ten minute chat..warm and friendly..and later I thought.."you really are just a very down to earth and your whole image is just a very good crafted one of sort of wacky over-the-top which the public reacts to and loves in the way they like eccentric characters" (despite the re-writing of recent history that Savile was a freak.

which makes me be an English eccentric these days is courting danger. I always think of the 2 MPs I met and was reasonably friendly with..Leo Abse & Norman St John Stevas..both incredibly charming and friendly men who if alive today would probably be in jail just for dressing strangely and being "odd".
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Re:This is really an extraordinary ENABLERS story 8 Months, 1 Week ago  
Many will simply continue to mutter, like Peter Saunders, that "False Allegations are vanishingly rare" whilst many, like Saunders, will spend the rest of their time tracking down vulnerable abuse victims or false accusers, taking them to the pub, offering them lots of drink or drugs and then slinking off to the toilet for an hour with them "to be sick". Not many take their teenage sons with them though.
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