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SeriouslyThis Is Getting Too Much
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TOPIC: SeriouslyThis Is Getting Too Much

SeriouslyThis Is Getting Too Much 8 Months, 1 Week ago  
Tom Watson started a tweet with "I've been thinking about Jo Cox lately...

You know what I would replace it with?

As for sincerity, they all claim to have it, but seldom do. When it comes to politicians and attacks or indeed attacks on officials, I find it difficult to care.

Look at suicides, the authorities don't even attempt to pursue reasons why. They put it down to.mental health or marriage problems. Convenient?

Dr David Kelly is probably the most famous case in politics, but there are many in ordinary life who suffer these circumstances.

JK, I expect you will agree with me when I say the authorities put so much money and resources into chasing historical allegations whilst other crimes (murder dressed up as suicide) are not even remotely investigated.

I also understand some of you on here will not want to comment .

Everyday I have to get tbrough life with all of these questions (accompanied by a deserved fuck you attitude to authority).

So, isn't it time that suicides were actively investigated with the thoroughness they deserve and by people who actually give a shit? and, people responsible prosecuted and locked up?

When I see the usual claims of concerns over mental health I ask how they keep.fooling so many for so long.

Stop.insulting our intelligence.
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