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TOPIC: The swerving continues

The swerving continues 8 Months ago  
Mark Williams-Thomas
I am an advocate for victims - but the words ‘believe’ and ‘truthful’ should be removed from crime reporting policy. Because they inherently lead to officers seeking evidence to support an allegation (as happened in Beech case) rather than a neutral position seeking all evidence.

So it's taken until now for Mary to now say this
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Re:The swerving continues 8 Months ago  
Next he'll be saying that poor innocent Jimmy Savile should not have been persecuted after death since he's not around to defend himself. And hopefully he'll be publishing his letter from 2001 demanding money and anonymity from newspaper bosses in return for selling them contact details to my False Accusers.
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Re:The swerving continues 8 Months ago  
Would love to see that letter.

He seems to have no sense of irony. Here he is questioning Prince Harry's decision to file a "historic" claim.

As I understand it the claims by #PrinceHarry against the Mirror and Sun are in relation to alleged phone hacking which occurred many years ago - so why bring claim now ? @BylineTimes broke the story
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Re:The swerving continues 8 Months ago  
Is that charlatan still spouting his pearls of non wisdom?
He's more like Norman Wisdom.

As for for phone hacking, I wonder if MWT was aware of phone hacking and used it as leverage in his wants from media?

With some luck, Harry's lawyers will uncover lots more.
As for settling out of court, he can afford notto and do all of the victims a favour by demanding not just money but jail time and something else.

Nobody else gets an easier time when being held to account in destroying others than the media.
As for police now looking to get away with their shifty conduct. They'll Wang their cake and eat it by saying shut up and wanting guns to have to protect themselves from a backlash.

It will only go so far...
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Re:The swerving continues 8 Months ago  
The important thing is that he has finally acknowledged the problem, and this will make other people realise it too, so good for him.
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