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People find it hard to believe
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TOPIC: People find it hard to believe
People find it hard to believe 8 Months ago  
that, in 2000, Max Clifford suggested to his local force, Surrey, that there was money to be made convicting celebrities of sex offences. After two failed attempts he said they would be better off going along the GAY route (it was only 2 days after my arrest that the ECHR forced the UK to equalise the gender ages of consent at 16).
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Re:People find it hard to believe 8 Months ago  
The other.
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Re:People find it hard to believe 8 Months ago  
I'd wager that many of these cases against celebs are sour grapes from teeny boppers who couldn't get their way.

To be honest, nobody in public domain was really aware of the consequences on bending laws on sex in the 70,s 80s etc.
Most things went, so to speak.
I say bending because I believe consent should fall within the remit of said description.
No harm done more often than not, so what's the problem?

There are worse forms of abuse happening and perpetuated even by officials which are ignored.
Who wants to disagree?
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