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TOPIC: False Accusers and Enablers
False Accusers and Enablers 7 Months, 1 Week ago  
I get messages asking if I wish for Death on my false accusers; no, I would never wish that on anyone and Karma actually is far worse on them. It killed Max Clifford. It turned Kirk McIntyre (original False Accuser who waively braved his anonymity in return for a huge cheque from The Sun in 2005) into a vegetable. I think the twisted bitterness and bile always destroys them and I would prefer them to have happy lives. Many genuinely believe their lies, often mere exaggerations rather than lies. Self delusion is easy to do when the goal is so attractive - frequently offered by media (see The Truth Awakens) - often cash, usually denied but in reality the motive. Enablers tend to slip away like a cake of soap in a wet hand; they very quickly see which way the tide is flowing and slide out of the spotlight "terrible sorry M'Lud; this witness/lawyer/cop/doctor is unavailable for appearance due to personal reasons". Those swearing statements, about which year or what circumstances, fade away fast when it dawns they may be joining the False Accusers in a long jail sentence for attempting to pervert the course of justice. If the falsely accused can discover (or even spot; you'd be astonished how many slip ups there are in official statements) mistakes or deliberate lies, he or she is acquitted and honest cops or CPS then pursue the liars (Carl Beech - 18 years). Karma can be cruel.
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Re:False Accusers and Enablers 7 Months, 1 Week ago  
You take things very well.

With regards to official dealings with the abuse scandals, we know the current action is for all police computers ( and data) to be rigged up to a central computer.

Can anyone tell me what the ultimate goal is?

I know, because it was me who requested it.

I don't believe in predicting the future, I believe in creating it.

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

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Re:False Accusers and Enablers 7 Months, 1 Week ago  
Could these also be victims of karma? The woman who accused Rolf Harris of molesting her in an autograph queue at a venue he'd never visited when she was 7/8 and in relation to whose allegations his conviction was overturned on appeal, and her brother, who backed her up. She is now dead and her brother, judging from his Facebook page, has had to have his leg amputated.
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Re:False Accusers and Enablers 7 Months, 1 Week ago  
I've looked at numerous victims of Karma and they do indeed include many false accusers of Rolf, Savile and Americans like Cosby, Spacey and others. I would say it is almost inevitable. Tragically many other victims are family members - wives and husbands; sisters and brothers. They urge potential false accusers to inflate episodes, change dates, acquire "witnesses" who can be sucked into lying (or "being mistaken") in order to assist the drive for compensation or other cash.
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Re:False Accusers and Enablers 7 Months, 1 Week ago  
To address Jo and JK

The conspiracy loons will say they were harmed/killed for telling the truth.

I was watching documentaries last night and in my recommendations was Icke. I thought I'd watch it just to see if he has changed his tune.
Nope, he sure as shit was still sweating and twitching his way through his incessant ramblings.

Whats the twitching all about? He only seems to do it when his bullshit stretches to its peak. It's almost like he's subconsciously disbelieving himself.

He's got a bloody nerve to call other people abnormal. So have his dodgy hangers-on.

Watch him in a video, it's like there's a voice in his head saying "you're going to struggle with evidence for this one."

It's like nails down a blackboard when he gets going.
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